Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20....Spring training officially begins with the whole team

Pitchers and catchers have been at their respective camps now for 5 days.  They have settled in and have begun their seasonal routines.  Some position players also arrived at camp to get a head start on spring training.  Today, Saturday is when the real training begins.  Full and extended rosters are in effect and there just isn't a more exciting time than the beginning of a new season for baseball.  This is the time of the year when all ambitions and hope are at the highest levels.  When every team can plan to be better than last year and when the dream of winning it all begins.

Activity on possible trades and transactions still linger in the headlines.  Pujols arrived at the Cards camp with no new deal worked out and with the idea that Pujols will be a free agent after this year.  He will not discuss contract extensions or trades (he has said he would block all trades including himself in the deal) until the end of the season.  Speculation as to Pujols wanting too much money or too many years on a contract are what writers believe ultimately caused both parties to not come to a deal.  Pujols reassured the press that that was not the case but that both parties simply could not come to an agreement on terms.  Pujols also said that he wants to be a Card forever and that is a very positive note for St. Louis and their fans.  Looking at it in my eyes, I believe Pujols to be sincere and honest about the contract situation.  He has brought a WS championship to the Cards as well as unbelievable numbers for them.  He is hands down the best hitter in the league and he deserves to be rewarded for that.  I believe that no matter how the Cards play this year, Pujols will receive a giant contract and he will return to St. Louis where he belongs.  He is the face and the first baseman for that organization.  Seeing Pujols in Chicago (Cubs), NY or Boston would just not make sense to me, especially since he'd be the DH on the two American League teams.  Pujols should and will be a Card forever.

Miguel Cabrera has relapsed on his alcohol problem.  It’s funny how the two top hitters last year (Hamilton and Cabrera) are the ones notoriously known for their past substance abuse problems.  This is not good for Cabrera’s image or for Detroit’s, but I think he’ll bounce back from this.  Josh Hamilton has become the face for second chances in baseball.  Maybe Cabrera needs a mentor or companion to shadow him at least for some time.  Hamilton seems to have benefited from one and Cabrera would only be better from it.

Mike Young reported to camp today and there were no awkward scenes in the clubhouse.  Young seemed as normal as ever with his teammates and coaches.  That is only a relief for him because tension will only hurt the ballclub.  Young did seem standoffish about Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels.  I think eventually all parties will kiss and make up as the season approaches.  We don’t need more drama that flooded the Ranger offseason.  Put this all behind and get to work Texas!

I am so excited for spring games to start.  Let me know what you think of your teams and how their camps are and will be this year.


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  2. Big mistake for Cardinals IMHO, how they handled Phat Albert's situation...As a native Michigander- Detroit fan, obviously the latest incident of Miggy Cabrera was very disheartening. The worst thing about it was the timing: coming on the heels of his huge year, supposedly having turned the corner on all those past problems, and with the new acquisitions this season has/had alot of pressure riding on it for the Tigers to make it far.
    However, I really like how you so aptly said, comparing to Josh Hamilton, how an athlete can turn it around for good (another good recent example: Mike Vick). That gives me hope that it can happen, and all those problems will fade away, hopefully sooner than later, depending on Miggy.

    - John